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A Message From Deb & Dave, Owners of Refined Divine

Welcome! We are so honored that you have been led to our website. Nothing in life is by chance, everything is for a reason!  

Debbie is a psychic medium, palm reader and spiritual advisor. She was born with the natural ability to bring messages from the other side. Debbie's skills are nothing like anyone has ever experienced and it is our hope you will experience first hand why. 

We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to heal themselves and live the life they were meant for. Oftentimes, cost can be a barrier to these opportunities and because of that, we keep our prices as reasonable as we can. Not only do we offer private readings with Debbie, but we also have coaching programs, weekly classes in Galesville, WI with the option to attend via Zoom, and spiritual retreats. Refined Divine also offers a storefront shopping experience for all of your spiritual and holistic needs. Once I meet you, we are friends for life!

Spiritual Retreats

Upcoming Appearances

Message us on Facebook for any questions or contact (608)304-3828

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Spiritual Retreats

Psychic Medium Deb Channels 2 and a half jam packed days of helping you get to that next level. Whether you're trying to find your purpose, Rekindle your passion or just feel alone on your journey this is the event for you!!!! Every Retreat is unique to those who attend and will leave you feeling ready to go to that next level!!

Donate Now

All donations support helping others who may not be able to afford to attend our retreats. 


Thank you for your donation!

Ready for a change?

Learn more about our 5 Week Spiritual Mentor Coaching Program! 

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Angela Flynn

I attended my 2nd, 1day retreat on Sunday. Deb & Dave are super awesome people!!! The atmosphere is welcoming, safe & loving. Don’t be scared to come by yourself. You’ll have many friends by the end of the day. We also went to Kinstone, a beautiful magical place. In addition to Deb’s amazing abilities, she is absolutely hilarious!!! Dave is too!!! They are an incredible couple. If you want a Sunday Funday, sign up today!!! Thank you Refined Divine, for all your help!!!

Adding on to the above review. I attended a 3 day retreat, another 1 day retreat and just finishing up the mentorship program. My life is completely turning around. I’m learning so much on so many levels. Working through my fears, one step at a time. Learning how to think outside of the box for my business. The list goes on!!! Thanks again Refined Divine for all your help!!!

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